Gioele Muglialdo has asserted himself in Europe as one of the most accomplished and authoritative conductors of cine-concerts, being among the few in the world who possess the required specific skill of synchronizing sound and images.

From the review of Metropolis at the Opera of Montecarlo:

«…A work raised to the status of opera »

« It was as if the images were following the conductor’s baton! »

« ...The young Italian conductor, Gioele Muglialdo, was precise to the second, the millimeter! Such perfection would deserve the creation of a special award, the "Honorary Metropolis" »

Monaco “Le Matin” - June 13th, 2016
By André Peyrègne

The screening of old and new film masterpieces with a live orchestra playing the soundtrack is a genre in great demand, and has piqued the interest of the young and old, not only of regular concert-goers and movie lovers. The repertoire includes veritable gems, such as the famous masterpiece Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s silent movie with music by Gottfried Huppertz: a score worthy of a Richard Strauss.