(an Italian masterpiece meets the art of the Middle Kingdom)

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Is it possible in China, and more precisely in Guangzhou (Canton), to pay proper homage to one of the greatest Italian opera composers?

What is more, is it possible to do it through new ways of expression without changing, in the process, the nature of an operatic masterpiece such as Rigoletto?

We boldly say yes… and we are confident to be following a way traced by Giuseppe Verdi himself. It is a plain fact that many Italians still ignore what is indeed a manifest truth: that opera is, without any trace of doubt, Italy’s most renowned and represented form of art in the world…

From this international dimension of our rigoletto-cina-2glorious operatic tradition, the idea of an audacious and quite intriguing artistic crossover was born: to merge, for the first time ever, Chinese (in particular Cantonese) opera and dance with Italian opera.


will go on stage at the Xinghai Concert Hall, for the fifth Breaking Art Festival of Guangzhou on 9th November 2013. In a selection of the most famous passages of Verdi’s masterpiece, the baritone Mauro Bonfanti in the role of the court jester will perform alongside the Italo-Chinese soprano Nan Zheng, the tenor Marco Voleri, and Cantonese mimes and dancers, all with Chinese Shadow Theatre puppetry and costumes originally made for the occasion.

The task of summarizing Verdi’s superb orchestral score on the piano will be entrusted to Maestro Gioele Muglialdo.

Schemes are broken and boundaries crossed then, but differences are enhanced while being respected and merged without any loss of identity. A challenging event, of great impact, never attempted before. The exploration of something new, the harmonizing of cultural differences, all still deeply rooted in our tradition.

An exciting challenge indeed!

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