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For the first time in Pamplona, in this screening, Bernard Herrmann’s original score will be performed live by the Navarra Symphony Orchestra under the baton of maestro Gioele Muglialdo.

For almost 40 years, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” has been just another word for suspense. This symphonic experience at the movies introduces the new, dazzling 35mm prints of some of the most beautiful scenes in all moviemaking. The sound track, culminating in the chilling violin notes of the shower scene, is among the most memorable in the history of cinema.

If this scene seems unforgettable, wait to listen to it with 40 musicians on stage…!

January 19th, 2018 | 8:30 pm
Auditorio Baluarte
Pamplona, Spain
“PSYCHO” – Film performed with live music
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Music by Bernard Herrmann
Orquesta Sinfonica de Navarra
Gioele Muglialdo, conductor
(In collaboration with IMG Artists)
A cooperation with The Navarra Film Library

The cineconcert PSYCHO will be the top event of the “Festival Pamplona Noir” (Festival Pamplona Negra): the Auditorio Baluarte in Pamplona will hosts indeed for the fourth consecutive year the Pamplona Negra Festival (Pamplona “Noir” Festival) dedicated to literature and film noir. In total there will be five days (from January 16 to 20) of intrigue and crimes and that will revolve around the world of the novel and the film noir, but also around other disciplines related to the ‘noir’, as series of television, music, gastronomy or comics. It will once again be a meeting point between writers and readers, between screenwriters and filmmakers and viewers, between creators and the public.
For this film noire festival will pass some of the best writers in Spain, Alicia Giménez Barlett, Marcelo Luján, Alexis Ravelo, Susana Hernández, Jordi Ledesma, Eugenio Fuentes, Nieves Abarca, Carmen Moreno, Vladimir Hernández, Aro Sáinz de la Maza or Antonio Altarriba, who join other great writers who have participated in previous editions, such as Carlos Zanón, Víctor del Árbol, Berna González Harbor, David Llorente, Dolores Redondo and Juan Ramón Biedma.
There will be an undeniable part of the Festival, the ‘El crimen a escena’ section, which will involve three great professionals who deal with crime every day: the forensic Paco Etxeberría, the chief inspector of the Judicial Police Javier Molinera and the criminologist Vicente Garrido.
There will also be quotations from the seventh art, with as main attraction the screening of Hitchcock’s Psycho with the live performance of Bernard Herrman’s soundtrack by the Navarre Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Gioele Muglialdo, and three other dates with some of the most chilling serial killers of the big screen: M. The Vampire of Düsseldorf, The Bait and The Silence of the Lambs.
The Festival reprogrammed the literary workshop, this time by the hand of the last Hammett Prize, Marcelo Luján, for the first time there will be a Master Class, open to the public, by Alexis Ravelo, and a Youth Comic Workshop taught by one of the best comic writers of the moment, Antonio Altarriba.
The program also includes two conferences. Also, there will be two round tables, with the title “Paper Killers – three writers, three ways to understand and build some of the most interesting murderers of the current black literature”, and “They also read” “Ell@s también leen”, in which the public will be able to know what writers of genre noir reads and what they are looking for in a black novel.
During the festival, the main hall of Baluarte will serve also as an exhibition hall and will host the show ‘Pulps Fiction. The covers of the crime ‘, a journey through the decades of artistic creation parallel to the birth of the black genre, with illustrations created by those artists.

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