The National Cinema Museum and the RAI Orchestra present the cycle
“Il suono delle immagini” (“The Sound of Images”)

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On the 100th anniversary of “Cabiria”, the first colossal in the history of cinema directed by Giovanni Pastrone, the National Cinema Museum and the RAI National Symphony Orchestra present “Il suono e le immagini” (“The Sound of Images”), a series of recently-restored silent cinema masterpieces with live orchestral soundtrack. Four appointments that will make you discover or rediscover the classics of the history of cinema […].

The second appointment, on Friday 6th June, will see “Metropolis” (1927) by Fritz Lang, with music by Gottfried Huppertz conducted by Gioele Muglialdo.

On Tuesday 17th June, it will be the turn of “Cabiria” by Giovanni Pastrone, with the first public performance of the original score by Ildebrando Pizzetti – author of the famous “Sinfonia del fuoco” – and Manlio Mazza […].


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