L’OPERA – January 2010 – by Claudia Mambelli
Teatro Titano hosts “Elisir d’Amore”

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Freshness, vitality and communication characterize this “young” performance of Elisir d’amore, which was staged in San Marino on occasion of the 11th edition of Rassegna Musicale d’Autunno. The performance enhanced the sentimental aspect of this opera which, combined with tender melodic ecstasy, evoked the larmoyant French comic opéra. These features enabled the protagonists of Elisir d’amore to acquire a more human and realistic identity, despite their comic aspect. The ain character of the opera, focused on the most genuine human feelings, is Nemorino, who was performed by Gianluca Pasolini in a naïf style. His even way of singing, rich in trepidation and furtive dashes, expressed in the famous passage “Furtiva Lacrima” many shades that aroused cheers. Julija Samsonova performed a deliciously feminine Adina and highlighted the spicy aspect of the character with her clear and communicative voice, rich in virtuosity and verve.

Costantino Finucci played the role of Belcore and masterly expressed the military boastfulness of this character, as well as his genuine wit which is, at the same time, typical of a dandy, but ironical and bragging, too. The Spanish singer Victor Garcia Sierra played the role of Dulcamara, an irresistibly pleasant charlatan, rich in charming astuteness. Also the well-known choir “Galli” from Rimini sang in an outstanding way. The Camerata Orchestra of Teatro Titano was conducted by Gioele Muglialdo, who was able to highlight with elegance and expressiveness both the quick and strong rhythms and the tender melodies.

The stage backdrop, consisting of the “postcards” by Antonio De Padova, was very interesting, inspired by the original sketches, unearthed by Casa Ricordi, of the first performance of Elisir d’amore which was staged in Milan in May 1832.

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