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[…] A work raised to the status of opera. […] The young Italian conductor, Gioele Muglialdo, was precise to the second, the millimeter! Such perfection would deserve the creation of a special award, the “Honorary Metropolis“.




Success was not at all predictable! Saturday evening at the Opéra the challenge for the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra consisted in accompanying the screening of the mythical film “Metropolis” giving the impression that music was a perfect match to the images. Goal achieved! The image-music harmony was perfect.

While on the screen steam machines appeared, the movement of the turbines was in perfect rhythmic sync with the music.

When women danced a waltz, the dance seemed to adapt itself to the orchestra’s tempo. When a clock appeared, as large as the screen, the second hand beat the time at the same rhythm as the musicians. It was as if the images were following the conductor’s baton!

On the podium was a young Italian, Gioele Muglialdo. We can just imagine how many hours he must have spent watching the film with the score at hand in order to match his movements to the flowing images. The harmony was down to the second, to the millimeter! Such absolute perfection would deserve the creation of a special award, the “Honorary Metropolis”.

On Saturday, in a sumptuous Garnier hall filled to the brim, a screen was placed on stage. The orchestra took their places in the pit, where it is usually seated for opera performances. On stage, under the screen, the percussion instruments were placed, so that in the darkness the audience could perceive the majestic movements of the percussionist Julien Bourgeois as he repeated live the mechanical gestures of the workers on the screen.

On the screen, indeed, the fascinating images of Fritz Lang’s 1927 brilliant and grotesque film on the inhumanity of the modern world flowed.

Before the show, Vincent Vatrican, director of the “Archives audiovisuelles de la Principauté de Monaco” presented the film, illustrating the history of its various versions.

The music score, composed by Gottfried Huppert, is expressionist and perfectly accomplishes its function of soundtrack, raising the work to the status of opera. In this rare exercise of cine-symphony, which was anything but a sinecure, our Philharmonic Orchestra was admirable. Another “Honourable Metropolis”, please!

Andre Peyregne

Monaco Matin – June 13th, 2016

(Translation by Daniela Mosetti Casaretto)

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