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[…] Listening to the live performance of a score of this calibre is always a privilege. For the occasion, the Navarra Symphony Orchestra could rely on the Italian conductor Gioele Muglialdo, who demonstrated an excellent grasp of Hermann’s score, a work streaked with disquieting lyricism: the string section of the orchestra gave a first-rate performance, delivering a unique blend of sound, symbiotic with the tension of the film. […] The concert ended with a resounding applause from the audience, who, for about two hours, enjoyed a magnificent film and music of a quality comparable to many of the great 20th-century classics of the orchestral repertoire. What more to ask?
(Excerpt from “Diario de Navarra” January 22th, 2018)
Translation by Laura Mantovani

Pamplona, Auditorio Baluarte
Orquesta Sinfonica de Navarra
Gioele Muglialdo, conductor

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