LA NUOVA SARDEGNA – 8th November 2012 – by Antonio Ligios
From Haydn to Mozart under the banner of Classicism
SASSARI – The Teatro Comunale season

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It was a symphonic concert entirely dedicated to Classicism, the concert that the Ente De Carolis inserted in its lyrical season, and it was received enthusiastically by the public of the Teatro Comunale. It had as main protagonists the Ente’s Orchestra, which once again gave proof of all its potential, and the conductor Gioele Muglialdo. The so-called Viennese Classical style was represented by Haydn and Mozart, true protagonists of that stage in the history of Western music that is the second half of the 18th century, taking place in a great capital, where musicians had plenty of work opportunities.

In that context, Haydn and Mozart were perfect interpreters of a concept of music that kept being tightly linked to the models of elegance and outward balance which were still part of the life of the aristocracy of the day, a concept of music that smoothed out contrasts and hid the unrest that would explode during the Romanticism. The programme featured Mozart’s ‘Flute Concerto in D major K 314’, a work that well exemplifies the expressive atmosphere of Viennese Classicism, and which Tony Chessa interpreted with refined elegance and a sound brilliance perfectly suited both to the moderately virtuosic writing of the outer movements and to the lyricism of the central one.

The ‘London Symphony No. 104’, Haydn’s last symphony, on the other hand, already gives a foretaste of Beethoven – for example in the opening Adagio and partly in the Minuet, almost a Scherzo –, something that the conductor Gioele Muglialdo masterfully underlined with his reading inclined to intensify the contrasts and enhance the central role of the wind instruments.

This celebration of Classicism in music finally reached out to the 20th century with the performance of Prokofiev’s ‘Classical Symphony No.1’, by the composer’s own admission an explicit homage to Haydn. Once again the conductor Gioele Muglialdo lucidly penetrated the essence of the work, giving of this symphony, which renovates the stylistic traits of classicism with the help of modern language, a fresh and brilliant reading.

To see the article on the web, visit Ente Concerti “Marialisa de Carolis”, Sassari.

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