CORRIERE DEL TEATRO – January 2009 – by Attilio Piovano

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We would like to highlight the excellent concert held at “Circolo della Stampa di Torino” for “Concertante Arte& Musica”, which boasted a new logotype based on a state-of-the-art design by Ugo Nespolo.

On occasion of the celebration of the 90th Poland’s Independence Anniversary (organized in collaboration with the Polish Community in Turin and the General Consulate of Poland in Milan), tenor Krystian Adam Krzeszowiak sang, with his powerful voice and very elegant style, a survey of pieces by Ciakowskij.

He was accompanied at the piano in a masterly way by Gioele Muglialdo, who also included less known pages in the repertoire (The Seasons op.37). Muglialdo is not a mere accompanist, but a refined and technically expert pianist, too. The audience realized this fully, and clapped both of them resolutely and warmly.

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