ITALY ITALY, Spring 2013
by Margherita Phidelfo
To celebrate Verdi year
The american Giuseppe Verdi revival

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italy-copertinaWith a distinguished curriculum filled with the successes obtained as both a pianist and a conductor in all the major cities of Italy and Europe, Gioele Muglialdo is now determined to conquer the USA and is counting, in this the bicentenary of the composer’s birth, on some of Giuseppe Verdi’s greatest operas to do just that. Noteworthy celebrations will also be taking place throughout Italy during 2013 – Verdi Year – in much the same way that they did in 2011, the year that celebrated the 150th anniversary of Italian Unity.

Born in Turin, but to all intents and purposes, a man who now considers himself to be Milanese, Gioele Muglialdo completed his music studies in the sophisticated capital of Piedmont acquiring a passion for pop and film music as well as the classics and has a vast repertoire at his finger tips. “I am living the dream that I have had since I was a young child,” he says, “music is my life; all music, with absolutely no limits”.

He is convinced that in Italy, the home of “bel canto” (opera), and good music; the culture of music is not nurtured and appreciated as it was years ago. “The number of concert goers,” he comments, “is forever decreasing because, starting with our schools, an interest in music is not encouraged in the way that it should be. We have an incredible wealth of music that is admired throughout the world but we tend to forget about it and above all, we are not passing it down to our youngsters.”

According to Muglialdo, our musical and artistic heritages are both equally neglected. The whole world envies us the masterpieces of art and architecture that can be found in all our cities, but as far as many Italians are concerned, they may as well not exist. In fact – look at the way Pompeii is falling to pieces, for example – they are allowing our treasures to go to wrack and ruin, even though they are part of the world’s culture.

For Muglialdo then, it’s off to the US, starting with Miami and New York. He is putting the final touches to a program that includes an anthology of pieces from Verdi’s major operas as well as other great operatic numbers too. “In this American tour of mine,” says Muglialdo, “I want to involve young singers and members of the orchestra in particular, although they must of course be highly competent and able to follow in the best tradition of the Italian musical. It all depends however, on the sponsors that we are able to find both in Italy and the US. We are also, obviously, thinking about the opportunity this affords to use American orchestras”.

The conductor also has another interesting initiative up his sleeve: an exhibition that will be mounted in the same cities as the tour, showing the costumes worn by Enrico Caruso – that great interpreter of Verdi’s operas – other memorabilia, some of the singer’s own drawings (it is a little known fact that he was a very good caricaturist), as well as original photographs that illustrate his years in America. An extremely interesting program therefore, that the Committee nominated by the Government to oversee the Verdi celebrations cannot surely ignore.

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